Shinbu-ryu Aikido Hannover       

On this page you will find a short summary about Shinbu ryu Aikido Hannover.

The Shinbu-ryu Aikido Group Hannover is a purely private,
club and association-free sports group. We have no commercial orientation, the operating costs and expenses u.a. for hall rental, seminars, coaches and lecturers are covered by a, of each group member, payable contribution.

The purpose of the sports group is to learn, train and promote the Japanese self-defense "Shinbu ryu Aikido". With us children, adolescents and adults can train together. In addition to the sporty exercise traditional Budo values of a martial arts / self-defense are taught, u. a. Peacefulness, responsibility, respect for the dignity of the other, mindfulness and consideration...

our training times are currently:         


18.00 - 19.00 pm

18.00 - 20.00 pm

beginners and base > 6 years





18.00 - 19.00 pm


beginners > 6 years

and base



19.00 - 20.00 pm



> 10 years

> 4. Kyu


4. Sunday

 11.00 - 13.00 pm

all members +


dojo place: Bronsartstr. 32, 30161 Hannover

map:     Zeiten + Ort       (time + place)

Sample training?
At any time gladly ... not after the beginning of a beginner course can be started with the training. An entry is possible at any time. Just come over and join in! The first hour is free.  A trial month is possible.

For the training should be brought?
First, a normal tracksuit, a T-shirt and flip-flops are enough. Is trained barefoot on mats. To avoid injury, fingernails and toenails should be well groomed and short. Thank you very much.

If after a beginner course a regular training participation is desired, a combat suit (Gi) should be bought. Stick, sword and possibly a meditation cushion in the further training course. The total costs amount depending on the execution of the materials approx. 70 - 100 euros.

Advanced, who want to train Shinbu-ryu Aikido, need additional equipment (boxing gloves, head, body and mouth protection), which also costs about 100 euros.


Prices per person / family (for about 15 hours a month):

Adults and young people aged 16 and over

up to 18 years:                                               25,00 Euro / month

Children up to 18 years, unemployed

and students:                                                 18,00 Euro / month

Families:                                                         36,00 Euro / month
(eg: 1 adult to 2 children) *

Passive membership:                                      5,00 Euro / month

Entrance fee once:                                  15,00 Euro / package **

* Special conditions z. For groups or larger families, passive memberships may be agreed.

** Can be omitted, eg. For example, if the subscriber enters a coupon, this is a short membership in the group.

You have questions? You are welcome to me

(Sensei Thorsten) send an email.

-> Info-Aikido (@)

dojo etiquette / rules
Etiquette_Dojo.pdf (19.19KB)
dojo etiquette / rules
Etiquette_Dojo.pdf (19.19KB)